French Pronunciation Guide

French Pronunciation Guide

French is one of the most unique and loved languages ever known; from flirty topics in French to speaking French in general as a hobby, because it may just please them and they think it’s just attractive and romantic. Now, buying language books and audio tapes online are pretty expensive, so to start off with these new and basic words to start you off soon as possible. The mimicmethod’s french pronunciation guide is one of the greatest guide of learning the French language.



ghghgghggWith pronouncing words, especially with French words, here are some things to start off with for one who just started:

  • La – pronounced ‘ah’ in English (the)
  • Ane- is pronounced like ‘ah’ however is longer (donkey)
  • Mer- it is pronounced in ai like in ‘fair’ (sea)
  • Tasse – the word is silent at the end (cup)
  • Ete- the word is pronounced like the American slang word, ‘ay’ (summer)
  • Ski- an odd word that is pronounced like ‘eet’ (skiing)
  • Laine- are pronounced as the sound in the word, ‘let’ (wool)
  • Le- As with, it is pronounced in the ‘er’ in the American word, ‘her’


Now you started off with the basics, let’s go on to the more longer, “complicated” words to pronounce, but we will break it down for it to be more easier.

  • Chataeu- sounds like ‘sh’ when pronounced (castle)
  • Gare- sounds like the word ‘go’ (station)
  • Hotel- the h is silent in the word (hotel)
  • Qui- the word sounds like the letter ‘k’ when pronounced (who)
  • General – before the ‘e’ or the ‘I’ it sounds like ‘s’ in the word ‘measure’ (general)
  • Rose- between two vowels, it has a ‘z’ in the word in it (rose)
  • Je- sounds like the word, ‘s’ in measure (I)
  • Salle- at the beginning of the word it sounds like the letter ‘s’ (room)

Okay; you finished the basics, and you are done with the “complicated” words. Now let’s go on to the French Nasal sounds to start of on.

Nasal sounds

  • Bien- is pronounced like, ‘bee-ang” (meaning well”
  • Nom, or Norm- pronounced like ‘ong’ in the American word ‘song’ (Name, or no)
  • Simple, or Fain- is pronounced like the sound ‘ang’ in the American word ‘sang’ (Easy, or hunger)
  • Signal- sounds like the sound, ‘ni’ in the American word ‘onion’ (signal)
  • Wee- self-explanatory pronunciation. ‘wee’ is like ‘swing’ pronounced (cuisine)
  • Ete- preannounced ‘eh-tehh’ (fiancé)
  • Café- is ‘can’ pronounced in English (café)
  • Quatre- ‘kwa-tre’ pronounced in English. (meaning father)
  • Cell- pronounced like the English word, ‘cell phone’ (niece)
  • Neuf- ‘nee-oof’ is pronounced (fat)


gghghhhgggSo far, this is the time to finish. Now, these are just the basics to start your “French course” as so to say. However, this is an effective way to speak and pronounce French if you never had any further information on it.